This was the first collaborative project that I had ever embraced. Several of my colleagues from Jack Canfield’s advanced trainings approached me to do a book for us, and after some contemplation, I said yes. Here you’ll be introduced to the authors and their chapters. Enjoy! Learn more here. 




Mara Karpel’s book: The Passionate Life: Creating Vitality and Joy at Any Age is an international best seller. Find out how we met and are still working together six years later! Mara Karpel’s Showcase 





Grace Liang has a story to touch the souls of anyone who has or is facing difficulties of loss, new beginnings, and more. While part of her journey is about coming to terms with being a widow, hers is also an immigation story – one where she fully embraced possibility to create the life of her own design. Read more here!






My move to Manitou Springs, Colorado, set the stage for numerous opportunities to meet other creative people, and Jimmy Lange is just one of them. We crossed paths while he was playing keyboards with our mutual friend, Michael Reese, in the band Tribe, along with John Wise and Teddy Nazario. Read more about Jimmy’s book here. 






While many of my clients are from far and wide, Cindy hails from San Diego, and we’ve had the pleasure of spending a lot of time together in the writing phase of the Jungle: A Journey to Peace, Purpose, and Freedom – and through multiple launches. The first was her pre-launch book and birthday bash at the New Children’s Museum in downtown San Diego. It was an intimate gathering for over 200 (out of the 450 that were invited) of Cindy’s closest friends and her family. There was food, dancing, lots of laughter and great conversation – and of course a book signing! Find out more about Cindy here. 



Brady and I did not meet in a training room because of Jack Canfield. We met because of our love of fly fishing while volunteering for the Colorado Springs chapter of Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing. My work with Brady began because I heard the words, “You have to help him.” Like many of my authors, we are now good friends and spend whatever time we can chasing fish with fly rods. Read more about Brady and his journey as a wounded warrior, a parent who lost a child to suicide, and a man dedicated to healing others who have faced similiar challenges. 

Michelle and I met, like many of my other clients, from spending time in training with Jack Canfield and Dr. Deb Sandella. Then in the fall of 2017, Michelle contacted me to help her bring her book of poetry into the world. We are now about a month away from the debut of and: A Love Story Within. Poetry has been a way for Michelle to make sense of her world through her journey with breast cancer to becoming a single mom––and more. Read more about Michelle here.




Jim and I met at the recommendation of my niece, Aimee Sparrow Hadas. Jim’s book, Make It to Midnight: Learning to Live When You Want to Die, had been published in early 2018 by Christian Faith publishing and he needed to spread the word about his incredibly powerful––and much needed message. Learn more about Jim here.


Carla and I met in one of Jack Canfield’s training rooms while I was on Jack’s assisting team. When a mutual friend referred her to me for writing coaching, Carla and I spent a couple of years working on the first few iterations of her manuscript––and through life’s peaks and valleys. She’s authentically transparent and possesses a sense of humor that will brighten your day. Her journey is an inspiration.  Here’s more about Carla.


I’m amazed at how my life unfolds.  My work has always revolved around writers, and now suddenly I’m involved in the music industry “Building the Buzz” for musicians whose music is inspiring, evocative, and soul-filled. Here’s a little bit about Michael Reese & Spirit Machine. 


Like many of my clients, Tresa and I met through our connection with Jack Canfield. We share the honor of being Certified Canfield Trainers in The Success Principles. We also have studied under Dr. Deb Sandella of The RIM Institute.

Tresa assists women in reinventing their lives from their mindsets to their money. Find out more about Tresa here!