Mara Karpel

Mara Karpel and I met all because of a watermelon. One day about eight years ago, I was meandering around a farmer’s market on South Padre Island, Texas, with my good friend and yoga teacher, Aziza Barker and I purchased a luscious looking watermelon from Art Mendoza, who happens to be Mara’s partner. A couple of years later, I received an email from her about her desire to write a book. By then I had moved to San Diego, and she and Art just happen to be coming to town.

We met for dinner in the Gaslamp District and have been working on The Passionate Life ever since. Like many writing journeys, there were challenges that cropped up along the way that diverted the attention away from the actual writing process. Eventually, however, the experiences found their way into the book. That’s the way it works. I call this primary research.

Mara’s book, The Passionate Life: Creating Vitality and Joy at Every Age contains a wealth of information and knowledge from experts in physical, mental, and spiritual health. Much of the content is based on many of Dr. Mara Karpel’s expert interviews from her radio show, Dr. Mara Karpel and the Golden Years. Additionally, Mara interweaves her own journey to create a meaningful, vital, and joyful life in the midst of loss and triumph, giving the reader the very real sense that she is a trustworthy expert in her own right.

The Passionate Life - Mara Karpel
This book provides a multitude of passionate advice for those looking to thrive in all areas of their life to feel good, physically and emotionally, well into their “golden years” with joyfulness and healthfulness. It is to be used as a guidebook along the exciting trek we call “life” in order to create the satisfying, happy, and healthy life that we so crave.

Mara’s website is Be sure to listen to her radio show Dr. Mara Karpel and the Golden Years at


What Mara Says About Working with Kathy
“Kathy Sparrow, I cannot express the depth of my appreciation. Thank you for seeing the potential in me and spending the time to be my coach, helping me to find my writing voice, and for being my mentor, guiding me in the world of the written word. And thank you for partnering with me to get this book published. There will be more!”


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