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On the surface, Ali Stephenson has it all––a secure position at Southern Style Magazine, where she’s risen to the ranks of managing editor with all the trappings that a six-figure salary makes possible and a clear route to take over her mentor and friend’s role as publisher. She has good friends, practices yoga daily, and takes long strolls on the beach near her home on the Chesapeake Bay. Her life is set, predictable. 

But something is missing…  

Best friends, Stanky, the jeep, and Cece the dog, soon discover that each adventure holds the opportunity to make the right decision and take responsibility for their actions.

In Stanky & Cece: Break the Rules, the friends head out for an adventure, and one bad decision lands them into trouble––creating havoc for a family of rabbits.

Ultimately, Stanky & Cece learn a valuable lesson about making good choices, apologizing for their mistakes, and taking responsibility to fix what they destroyed.

Adventures can be fun and safe––when we follow the rules––and make the right decisions.

Co-authors Chad Hanstedt and Kathy Sparrow team with Illustrators Jacob Gray and James Koenig to share the adventures and valuable lessons of Stanky & Cece in this, the first of a series.

    Stanky & Cece: Break the Rules is a wonderful way to introduce kids ages 3-8 to new adventures in exploring nature, being responsible for their actions, and making amends.

This engaging book:

  •     encourages children to look for opportunities to make the right choices
  •     affirms that everyone makes mistakes
  •     teaches children that mistakes can be forgiven
  •     appeals to kids’ enjoyment of animals, trucks, and nature
  •     can be read aloud for storytime or enjoyed as an independent read


¿Qué significa tomar buenas decisiones? Los mejores amigos, Stanky, un jeep, y Cece, una perrita, pronto descubren que cada aventura ofrece la oportunidad de tomar decisiones correctas y asumir la responsabilidad de sus acciones.

En Stanky & Cece: Rompen las reglas, los dos amigos se embarcan en una aventura y una mala decisión los mete en problemas, creando estragos para una familia de conejos.

Al final, Stanky y Cece aprenden una valiosa lección sobre cómo tomar buenas decisiones, disculparse por sus errores y asumir la responsabilidad de reparar lo que destruyeron.

Las aventuras pueden ser divertidas y seguras, cuando seguimos las reglas y tomamos las decisiones correctas.

Los coautores Chad Hanstedt y Kathy Sparrow se unen a los ilustradores Jacob Gray y James Koenig para compartir las aventuras y las valiosas lecciones de Stanky y Cece en este, el primer libro de una serie.

 Stanky & Cece: Rompen las reglas es una manera maravillosa de presentar a los niños de 3 a 8 años nuevas aventuras para explorar la naturaleza, ser responsables de sus acciones y reparar los daños. 

Este libro encantador: 

  • Anima a los niños a buscar oportunidades para tomar decisiones correctas
  • Afirma que todo el mundo comete errores
  • Enseña a los niños que los errores se pueden perdonar
  • Les gusta a los niños que disfrutan de los animales, los camiones y la naturaleza
  • Se puede leer en voz alta a los niños o ellos lo pueden disfrutar como lectura independiente

An international best-selling book, Ignite Your Leadership: Proven Tools for Leaders to Energize Teams, Fuel Momentum, and Accelerate Results––now in its second edition––is written by eleven international leadership experts who have proven track records guiding individuals, teams, and organizations through transformative periods and onto greater success. The book covers a wide range of core topics regarding transformational leadership—developing one’s own self-awareness, leading from the heart, the power of intention, cultivating high employee and team engagement, creating a safe space that fosters creativity and innovation, the power of transparency, and much, much more. Foreword written by Jack Canfield.

My chapter, “It’s all in the Cast–A Fly Fisher’s Guide to Leadership” also appeared in the anthology, The Innovators: Revolutionary Ideas from Today’s Consulting Leaders. Here, I explain how the fundamentals of fly fishing can be applied as a transformational tool personally and professionally.

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On the Mother Lagoon: Fly Fishing and the Spiritual Journey is my memoir on learning to fly fishing and discovering that how I was showing up on the water mirrored what was going on in my life on land. It was first published in 2003, and I’m updating it for a re-release in mid-2022.

Revolving around her own quest to learn to fly fish on the Lower Laguna Madre of deep south Texas, Kathy Sparrow weaves ageless principles of women’s psychology and yoga with a fresh, distinctly feminine approach to fly fishing. Kathy takes the reader from her early life on the bank with her father and grandfathers to becoming a licensed Coast Guard captain, a fly fishing guide and lodge owner, and the holder of a women’s world record speckled trout. Throughout she offers precious technical advice gleaned from male and female anglers alike. From the rods to use, the lines, and the flies, she covers a broad range of information including tips on how to see fish, read the water, and how to become a stealthy wader so you can stalk fish with finesse.

What Readers are Saying about
On the Mother Lagoon

“Not your typical ‘hook and bullet’ writer, Kathy takes her reader deep into a search for her spiritual self. If you are looking for a more how-to, where-to approach to the wonderful waters of the Laguna Madre, you’ll probably be happier with one of Phil Shook’s excellent guidebooks. If, however, you would like to witness the growth of a fisherman, in terms of both technical prowess and spiritual awareness of the world around them, grab this little number and dive right in.

“By the end of ‘the Spiritual Journey,’ you may find, as I did, that Kathy has vocalized much of what we feel when we wander in the wild places and talk to God.” ~ D.K. Allen

“Kathy’s work ‘on the Mother Lagoon’––articulated, expressed, and masterfully––shared her passion for growth, connections to nature, and personal challenge. She tells stories of lessons learned while catching the fish, getting licensed as a U.S. Coast Guard Captain, and overcoming fears and limiting beliefs. Kathy shares the essence of her spirit throughout this chapter in her life. As I surrendered myself to her words, I could see her human face as she opened the door time and time again to her own tears, laughter, and spiritual connections. I loved how she weaved her spiritual growth with her fly fishing knowledge, a journey she shares intimately with the reader.” ~ Merril Boruchin-Spielman