Keynotes & Presentations

FFI Women Connect, “Discovering Oneself on the Lower Laguna Madre.” May 3, 2022.

Panel Discussion: Making RIM Work for Your Business & Your Life. The RIM Reunion. Loveland, CO, July 2019.

The Impact of the Success Principles. Jack Canfield’s One Day to Greatness. San Diego, March 2018.

Creating a Positive Relationship with Change. San Diego Regional Center. July 2017.

Stewarding Our Communities: Our Rights and Responsibilities for Property Ownership. Arizona Women’s Council of Realtors. July 2017.

Ignite Your Leadership Summit: Interviewed Chicken Soup for the Soul Co-Founder Jack Canfield, Jim Bunch, Evolutionary Business Council Founder Teresa de Grobois, EverSmarts Founder Gip Erskine, and Founder of eLuminate consulting Greg Voisen. February 2017.

Using Publishing to Expand Your Coaching Influence. StarCoaches Podcast with Meg Rentschler. December 2016.

Guest Casting Instructor. San Diego State University outdoor leadership project for at-risk youth.  Contact: Carter Smith.  December 2016.

Guest Casting Instructor. TFO Product Day, Golden State Fly Fishers.  Provided instruction throughout the day on the finer ways to cast a fly rod. October 2016.

Writing Made Easy – Tips and tricks for writing stellar cover letters, resumes, self-evaluations, and notes. Apple, June 2016.

Creating Your Own Bravery Through Writing. Brave Woman Summit. Sponsored by Hot Pink University. Spoke on how not only was writing a brave act for me, writing also helped me through some life transitions calling for extreme bravery. April 20, 2016.

The Importance of Rhetorical Reading Strategies to Craft Stellar Essays. The Writing Center, Southwestern College. March 2016.

The Key to Being the Star of Your Story ~ Discovering Your Why, Dissolving Your Why Nots. California Peer Leadership Conference, sponsored by The Peer Leader Center, Colorado. November 2014.

Discovering Your Why ~ Dissolving Your Why Nots. Alpine Chamber of Commerce. September 2014.

Are You Afraid of the “C” Word? Self-exploration workshop at Breaking the Silence Retreat for domestic abuse survivors. May 2014.

The Art and Practice of Magazine Writing. Teleclass Spring 2014.
Discovering Your Why~ Dissolving Your Why Nots. Keynote Women’s Council of Realtors, April 2013.

PTSD & The RIM Connection. Overview of the current treatments for PTSD and how The RIM Method can be effective in treating individuals diagnosed or suspected to be suffering from PTSD. April 2013.

Be Radiant. Co-facilitated workshop for women on enhancing inner and outer radiance. April 2013.

RIM for Writers, 8-week teleclass designed to assist writers in breaking through their blocks and fears about the writing process. February 2013-April 2013.

PTSD & The RIM Method. San Diego, CA. September 2012.

Mastery: Thriving at the Edge of Your Personal Best. San Diego, CA. April 2012.

Jumpstart Your Book. Story Circle Network, Online. Summer 2011.

Breakthrough to Your Success. Workforce Solutions, Pharr, TX. April 2011.

Breakthrough to Your Success. Nataraja Kunj, Harlingen, TX, April 2011.

Telling Your Story: From Life Experience to Personal Essay. StoryCircle Network Conference. Austin, TX. February 5-7, 2010.

Spellbreaking: Live Life Fully-Write Your Own Story. Yoga/writing workshop with Yoga Instructor Aziza Barker-Stanton. South Padre Island, TX. January 16-17, 2010.

Spellbreaking: Live Life Fully-Write Your Own Story. Nataraja Kunj, Harlingen, TX. December 19, 2009.

Spellbreaking Part II: Writing the Story of Your Ideal Life. Yoga/Writing workshop with Presented with Yoga Instructor Aziza Stanton Barker, South Padre Island, TX. February 14, 2009.

Spellbreaking: Part I: Identifying the Cultural and Family Myths that Limit our Lives. Yoga/Writing Workshop. Presented with Yoga Instructor Aziza Barker Stanton. South Padre Island, TX. January 17, 2009.

Federation of Fly Fishers Gulf Coast Council, Guest Speaker Ladies Outreach Luncheon. Lake Charles, Louisiana. “Sharing Our Stories: Fly Fishing Tales for Women.” Explored how our stories can encourage other women to join us on the water. Followed by an experiential exercise to inspire story-sharing opportunities. May 17, 2008.

Earth Poetry & Coffee Hour. International Week. The University of Texas-Pan American, Edinburg, Texas. Read three of my poems about life on the Arroyo Colorado. November 14, 2007.

Fly Fishing the Lower Laguna Madre, Shallow Water Show. Houston 2003, Austin 2004;

Fly Fishing the Lower Laguna Madre, Southern California, February 2002. Spoke at six clubs from Santa Barbara to LA; Orange County Fly Fishers, September 2002;

Texas Women Fly Fishers, August 2000.

Words of the Soul: Writing as a Spiritual Practice. Harlingen, Texas. Spring 2000.

Words of the Soul: Writing as a Spiritual Practice. Virginia Beach, Virginia. Spring 1998.

Writing Your Story. Barnes and Noble, Virginia Beach & Hampton, Virginia, 1998.

Finding Your Personal Mission. WHRO/Wisdom Channel, Virginia Beach, Virginia, 1998.

Women’s Forum. Panel member & presenter. ARE, Virginia Beach, Virginia, June 1997.