Greg Voisen

Greg and I met through a mutual friend, Robert MacPhee. He had a fast-track vision for his book that we made happen. Greg’s journey is an inspiration to many of us who find ourselves traveling down the wrong career path and receive a wake-up call.

In Hacking the Gap, Greg shares his journey of discovery––and it is a testimony to the spirit of transforming one’s thinking and doing, and perhaps most importantly, to the art of being. Interspersed throughout this adventure are personal stories, jewels of wisdom and precious nuggets of advice garnered from his own hard-fought battles–the learning lessons of life. He draws on personal experience as well as the accumulated synergy of his extended family––many of them personal friends and best-selling authors, preeminent thought leaders in human potential and business innovation.

Hacking the Gap - Greg Voisen

Greg is a notable thought leader in the personal growth and human potential movement. Founder of Inside Personal Growth, a podcast program, which reaches thousands of people on topics including personal growth, business, wellness, mastery and spirituality. He has interviewed over 630+ authors in these fields and has developed over 900 hours of recorded podcasts over the last 10 years.


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