Media Appearances

Organized & Energized with Kathi Burns, CPO “How to Organize Writing Notes & Stop Feeling Scattered,” December 2021 

Robert McPhee’s Excellent Decisions Podcast, February 2020

  •   Conversation on how I made excellent decisions to launch the Fly Fishing at Your Edge leadership development program.

Dr. Karpel & Your Golden Years

  •   Writing Your Story Encore – September 2018
  •   Writing Your Book August 2018
  •   Molly Lord & Kathy Sparrow on Your Sacred Song – July 2017
  •   Writing Your Story – August 2016
  •   Writing at Your Edge – February 2014

 Star Coaches Podcast 

  •   Moving Beyond Blocks-The RIM Method March 2017
  •   Using Publishing to Expand Your Coaching Influence – December 2016

 The Focus Guy Podcast with Mike Brenhaug

Take the Lead with Dr. Diane Hamilton Podcast

  •   Discover Your Why & Dissolve Your Why Nots. March 2017

Jennings Wire, The World of Success Podcast

  •   Discover Your Why & Dissolve Your Why Nots.  March 2017

Hearts-on-Fire, radio interview with Karen Wright on blogtalkradio. Discussed the role of the master narrative in my life, in which I was told I would never be a writer by those in “authority”––guidance counselors, parents, etc.––and how I overcame the limitations imposed upon me and became a writer of my own life story. Discussed how others could overcome cultural and parental myths imposed upon them. September 23, 2008.