Aspiring Authors Retreat at Sunrise Ranch

with Literary Midwife Kathy Sparrow

Is 2024 the Year that You Finally Write Your Book?

That idea has been rolling around in your mind for years.

You awaken in the middle of the night writing a scene or a chapter. 

You carry around a notebook filled with ideas.

You see the possibilities that open to you once you finally are a published author.

And yet you’ve hesitated.

You’ve done nothing to bring your book to life!

Here’s your chance to honor the calling that You are the person chosen to bring a special message into the world – one that will inspire, heal, and transform others.

Join Literary Midwife Kathy Sparrow for

Jumpstart Your Book:

5 Steps to Overcome Overwhelm and Confusion 

and Finally, Begin Your Book!

Spend 6 days at Sunrise Ranch with Literary Midwife and bestselling author Kathy Sparrow, taming the overwhelm and confusion that keeps you from realizing your dream of being a published author.

 In this 6-day Writing Studio Adventure, you will:

  • Receive the support and technical expertise of a seasoned publishing professional.
  • Gain clarity on what you want to write and how to put your thoughts to paper.
  • Learn a framework to write each chapter of your book with ease.
  • Overcome the blocks that keep you from being seen and heard in the world.

As a bonus, you’ll have the opportunity to meet one-on-one with Kathy to discuss your individual writing goals. 

Plus, you’ll get to enjoy all that Sunrise Ranch offers to nourish your soul. 

When: Wednesday, February 14 - Monday, February 19
Where: Sunrise Ranch!

Nestled in the breathtaking landscapes of Loveland, Colorado, Sunrise Ranch sets the stage for an unparalleled writer’s retreat—an oasis where creativity blooms and inspiration dances in the crisp mountain air. This idyllic haven invites wordsmiths from far and wide to immerse themselves in a retreat that transcends the ordinary. 

Surrounded by the majestic Rocky Mountains, writers find solace and serenity at Sunrise Ranch, where the convergence of natural beauty and artistic energy fosters an environment conducive to literary exploration. As the sun paints the sky with hues of pink and gold, participants embark on a journey of self-discovery and literary craftsmanship, their pens dancing across pages as they tap into the muse that resides within this enchanting retreat.

This immersive writing experience at Sunrise Ranch offers an all-inclusive package encompassing delectable meals, cozy lodging, top-notch workshop materials, and the rejuvenating embrace of morning and evening yoga—seamlessly woven into your enchanting writer’s retreat.

“I met Kathy at a Jack Canfield seminar a decade ago, and a couple of years ago, I came across her business card. I contacted her, and she became my writing coach.  But she was so much more than that.  She took me through a process to help me write this book that I have been trying to write for over 30 years. Page by page, chapter by chapter, I finally got through the hardest book I will ever write.  This process was therapeutic! It was the hardest thing I have ever done and yet so rewarding, and she was there with me every step of the way. She’s worked with some of the best. I owe Kathy more than you can imagine and am thrilled to call her not only my writing coach but a dear friend!”

Stacey Kirkpatrick, psychotherapist, author of the international bestselling book, Milk & Cookies: An Intimate Story about Rising Above Childhood Sexual Abuse

Workshop Overview

Day 1 – Wednesday, February 14: Arrival and Settling In

Evening Session: Welcome Ceremony and Retreat Overview 

Recognizing that many have traveled great distances, we’ve designed this evening as a chance for a soft start. Instead of diving straight into writing sessions, we’ll have icebreakers, share the workshop agenda, and have a little fun. It’s a relaxed beginning, allowing everyone to settle in comfortably before the workshop kicks into full gear. You’ll also be able to sign up for your individual coaching sessions.


Day 2 – Thursday, February 15: Setting the Stage for Your Book

  • Morning Session: Identify Your Book’s Purpose and Impact
  • Afternoon Session: Life’s Turning Points: Moments, People, Places
  • Evening Session – Tips for Engaging Our Audience



Day 3 – Friday, February 16:  Framework Techniques for Crafting Your Chapters

  • Morning Session – Define Your Premise & Create an Outline
  • Afternoon Session – Writing Studio to Implement Morning Session Teachings
  • Evening Session – Cultivate the Writer’s Mindset and Conquer Writer’s Block


Day 4 – Saturday, February 17:  Writing with Presence, Precision, and Polish

  • Morning Session – Rules of the Road – Writing Like a Pro
  • Afternoon Session – Self-Editing Tips and Tricks
  • Evening Session – Discussion of Publishing Options


Day 5 – Sunday, February 18: Visibility & Connection!

  • Morning Session – Author Platforms & Marketing Plans!
  • Afternoon Session – Writing Studio – Implement Morning Teachings 
  • Evening Session – Acknowledging Wins & Obstacles––and Games!


Day 6: Monday – Closing Day: Celebration & Departure

  • Morning Session: Making a Plan for Your Writing Success
  • Afternoon Session: Coffee with Kathy – Casual conversation about the writing life and extra time for questions about your individual projects.

Plus! Each day, you’ll have yoga, delicious meals, and time to stroll the property.

And, you’ll be able to schedule one-to-one time with Kathy to review your work and discuss your writing goals.

This carefully curated 6-day retreat combines the tranquility of Sunrise Ranch’s inspiring grounds, the expertise of inclusive writing workshops suitable for all levels and genres, personalized coaching, and the nourishment of farm-to-table meals. The all-inclusive nature of the retreat ensures that every participant is equipped with the tools and inspiration needed to turn their literary aspirations into reality.

“Kathy Sparrow, I cannot express the depth of my appreciation. Thank you for seeing the potential in me and spending the time to be my coach, helping me to find my writing voice, and being my mentor, guiding me in the world of the written word. And thank you for partnering with me to get this book published. There will be more!”

Mara Karpel, PhD Author of The Passionate Life: Creating Vitality & Joy at Any Age


  1. Early Bird Registration Bonus! 90-minute strategy session with Kathy for the first 10 people to sign up by January 15, 2024. 
  2. Words of Your Soul: Writing for Wellbeing of Body, Mind & Spirit – ebook – 52 weeks of stories and prompts designed to encourage you to establish a consistent writing practice. 
  3. “Overcome Your Writer’s Block” Guided Meditation.  Most writers, at one time or another, face the dreaded “writer’s block,” where our creativity feels dried up, and we stare for hours at the blank screen––or avoid it altogether. In this meditation, you will be guided to identify the fears and limiting beliefs that prevent you from showing up for your writing practice. You will also create a vision of what being a successful writer looks like to you.
  4. SWAG – coffee cup, notebook, pen

Plus! Each day, you’ll have yoga, delicious meals, and time to stroll the property.

And, you’ll be able to schedule one-to-one time with Kathy to review your work and discuss your writing goals.

This carefully curated 6-day retreat combines the tranquility of Sunrise Ranch’s inspiring grounds, the expertise of inclusive writing workshops suitable for all levels and genres, personalized coaching, and the nourishment of farm-to-table meals. The all-inclusive nature of the retreat ensures that every participant is equipped with the tools and inspiration needed to turn their literary aspirations into reality.

Have questions for Kathy? Book a complimentary exploratory session!

“As soon as Kathy & I met over Zoom, I knew I had the right person to help me.  She listened. She got me and what I wanted to do. We started working together on a collection of essays I had written on Medium over the past 18 months.  She sorted through everything, organized things, started editing, and created a manuscript. 

I had times of doubt—doubting whether my book would be commercially marketable. 

Kathy kept beating the drum. “You can do this.  There’s an audience for what you have to say.” 

If you’re looking for someone to help you bring your dream of a book to life, Kathy is your person. She has the technical skills, experience in the publishing and writing world, network, and interpersonal skills that glue everything together.  

Plus, she’s fun! 

I enjoyed working with her because she’s not only technically brilliant, but she’s also a nice person!” 

Don Johnson, CEO of Integria Group and author of Living a Conscious Life: A Path to Wholeness, Peace, and Freedom

About Your Instructor
Literary Midwife Kathy Sparrow

Literary Midwife Kathy Sparrow is an award-winning author, ghostwriter, and publishing consultant who has mentored aspiring -fiction, fiction, and poetry writers for over two decades. Many have penned bestselling books because of her book coaching services. Known as a “behind-the-scenes secret weapon” to thought leaders, Kathy specializes in the areas of self-development, leadership, and memoir. She was recently named one of the “Top 15 Book Coaches to Watch in 2023” by LA Weekly. 

         Kathy is the co-author and project lead of Ignite Your Leadership: Proven Tools to Energize Teams, Fuel Momentum, and Accelerate Results. Her novel, The Whispered Teachings of Grandmother Trout, is touted as the feminine version of A River Runs Through It. She is the co-author of the children’s books Stanky & Cece: Break the Rules (2022) and Stanky & Cece: Out of Control (2023). She has ghostwritten books and blogs on personal growth, professional development, and leadership, including The Precipice of Life: Leadership and Personal Growth Insights from a Mountaineer’s Edge.

Throughout her career, she has worked with traditional publishers such as IDG Press (the former For Dummies publisher), Master’s Press, Wish Publishing, ARE Press, and others. Her work as a journalist has also appeared in Saltwater Fly Fishing, Indianapolis Woman, Indiana Business Magazine, E-magazine, Hudson Valley Magazine, and many more. A university professor, she has taught writing in first-year writing programs, sophomore literature, theatre, and marketing for authors.    

         Kathy has studied transformational methodologies with Jack Canfield, founder of Chicken Soup for the Soul and author of The Success Principles, Dr. Deb Sandella of The RIM® Institute, Laurie Seymour of The Baca Institute, and Renee Moorefield of Wisdom Works. She is a Certified Canfield Trainer in The Success Principles and Canfield Methodologies, Certified Be Well Lead Well Pulse® Guide, and Master RIM® facilitator. Kathy relies on the science of success tools to assist her clients in overcoming obstacles and mindset limitations that prevent them from sharing their wisdom with the world. She holds a master’s degree in English with a concentration in literature and cultural studies.

         Kathy enjoys yoga, hot indoor cycling, hiking, fly fishing, and adventures with her partner and family. She spends her time in LA and San Diego, and you can also find her in Colorado, Mexico, Costa Rica––or wherever her travels take her.

Her websites are: and

What You Need to Know

Q: What if I don’t know where to start writing my book?

A: This workshop is designed to give you the confidence and skills you need to finally begin writing your book. The Jumpstart Your Book process is one I’ve used for years with my private clients and also with my university students when teaching the art of writing argumentative papers. 


Q: Will the days be crammed with lectures?

A: Not at all. This is a writing studio-style workshop. While we will have morning, afternoon, and evening sessions, there will be plenty of time to brainstorm, share ideas with other participants, and take walks around the property.


Q: Do I have to attend each session?

A: The workshop sessions are designed to build upon one another, to give you the step-by-step process to achieve success in beginning your book. I highly recommend making a commitment to play full out!


Q: What can I expect to accomplish by the end of the Jumpstart Your Book workshop? 

A: If you attend each session and complete each day’s assignments, you will have an outline for your book and a first draft of one chapter. You’ll also have a plan to create or enhance your author’s platform and a knowledge of publishing options. 


Q: Is participation limited to a certain number of people?

A: Yes. I believe that each of the participants deserves to have access to me personally. With this in mind, I’ve limited enrollment to just 30 people.

Are You Still Hesitating to Finally Write Your Book?