Recently in meditation, I began receiving direction for how I can serve others, those of us who might be unnerved or who dip there from time to time, like myself. during this time of great transition,  This idea was sparked by my return to a daily writing practice – just for my eyes only. The place where I can connect to myself when the news of the world threatens to disturb my sense of safety and peace. I knew that if this practice helped me, it might just be of use to others.

Beginning Friday, March 27, I’ll be going live on Facebook at 2:00 p.m. MT for forty-days (March 27-May 1).  Forty seems significant since there are many references in eastern and western spiritual traditions that mention the transformation that occurs with a forty-day practice. 

I’ll be providing the prompt of the day early each morning and then later during the Facebook Live sessions sharing my daily thoughts about the theme of the day––a theme to write about during your 15-minute writing practice. 

When we pause for just a while, to listen to what our soul is speaking to us, my guess is that we’ll all experience a little peace in these tumultuous times. I know this practice does this for me. And if I’m calm, I know those around me might just benefit from that as well.  

Here’s the link to the Words of Your Soul: Writing as a Spiritual Practice Facebook Group.  Join us every day, or perhaps just once in a while, when you need to know there are others out there, like you, who need the comfort of the interaction with like-minded folks from time to time. The only investment is a little bit of your time.

And remember, as Anthony J. D’Angelo says, “The greatest gift you can give yourself is a little bit of your own attention.”