In addition to hundreds of magazine articles, Kathy Sparrow’s academic research debuted in her thesis, Stories That Heal: Building Cross-Cultural Bridges Through Literature. Here, she approached writing as a healing modality. We gain insights into our experiences as we write, and we discover what brings us joy, meaning, and fulfillment.

This theory has been woven into the Fly Fishing at Your Edge and Releasing Your Inner Magnificence programs.

Fly Fishing at Your Edge

A Fly Fishing Transformational Adventure

When Kathy Sparrow first embarked upon the sport of fly fishing, she thought she was learning a new sport to catch fish. However, she soon learned that there was another plan in store for her as the Lower Laguna Madre. The Mother Lagoon and the sport of fly fishing brought her face-to-face with her fears, self-imposed limitations and challenged her to grow beyond who she thought she was. Ultimately, she discovered that her changes on the water influenced all aspects of her life on land.

 And so, Kathy would like to offer that opportunity to you.

Releasing Your Inner Magnificence

Thriving––not just surviving––personally and professionally is vital for us to positively impact everyone around us–our families, our organizations, and our community. Without awareness of our current state of wellbeing of body, mind, and spirit, we have difficulty identifying what changes to make in our lives to move from surviving to thriving!