The Whispered Teachings of Grandmother Trout

Contemporary women’s fiction touted as the feminine version ofA River Runs Through It

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Wanda Taylor,  “The South’s 1st Lady of Fly Fishing” and on the National Advisory Staff for Temple Fork Outfitters, says that the novel is, ”Fast-paced, filled with enough Southern coastal Texas lure, nature, fly fishing, humor, sex, drama, and clever surprises all the way to the last page to make it thoroughly entertaining. This is what GREAT movies are made of.” 



     Southern Style Magazine’s managing editor, Ali Stephenson, seems to have it all, but when an assignment to deep south Texas forces her to dig up her past and relive the traumatic memories of an abusive father and her mother’s murder, she must turn to feisty lodge owner Mama Kate and the elder woman’s deep devotion to the divine  for Ali to face her demons, embrace her inner wisdom, and learn to trust again. During her week on the Lower Laguna Madre (the Mother Lagoon), Ali and fly fishing guide Captain Jack Cooper have a one-night stand, resulting in Ali’s pregnancy. Because of his crude dismissal of her the morning after, Ali has no intention of connecting with him; however, during her pregnancy, she returns to south Texas to write a tourist guide book on the area, a stay that deepens her relationship with Mama Kate, Gus Lammons, Mama Kate’s down-to-earth neighbor, who harbors a desire to be more than just friends with with Kate––and her connection with nature. Friend and guide Skipper Jones recognizes Ali while she is fly fishing along South Padre Island and brings this to Jack’s attention. After Jack shares the tragic loss of his wife with Mama Kate, she, Gus, and Skipper devise a plan to bring the two together after the birth of Ali’s baby, during the local fly fishing tournament in which Ali agreed to fish with Gus. In the aftermath of a violent storm, Ali comes face to face with Jack, softening her resolve to keep him out of her life. Later, at the tournament awards ceremony, Ali introduces Jack to his daughter. The book ends with Ali, Jack, and Grace going off for dinner, while Gus and Mama Kate affirm their desire to be more than just friends.


     The Whispered Teachings of Grandmother Trout is approximately 71,000 words, combining nature, spirituality, and the complexity of navigating human relationships.


It's All in the Cast

A Fly Fisher's Guide to Leadership, Sales & Optimal Performanceancn
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Using the metaphor of fly fishing, leadership and high-performance habits are explored with suggestions for implementation in professional and personal settings.

When I took up fly fishing nearly two decades ago, my motive was to spend more time with my (then) husband. However, the sport afforded me far more than forays onto the water to catch fish. Fly fishing became another mirror on the path of my personal and professional development – particularly the cast. With the rapid expansion of our fly fishing lodge, Kingfisher Inn on the Lower Laguna Madre, I became one of the only female saltwater fly fishing guides in the nation, providing me the opportunity to test my hypothesis further while observing my clients – many who were successful business owners or held C-Suite positions in larger corporations. It proved to be true – how we execute our cast and approach our “home waters” is an indicator of how we perform in other areas of our life.

This project is expected to be completed in the spring of 2020. 

It is based off the chapter that originally appeared in The Innovators: Revolutionary Ideas from Today’s Consulting Leaders. Best Seller.  Motivational Press, March 2017.