As I’ve said before, I believe everyone has A Writable Life.


Our life experiences–the challenges and the triumphs help us transform as individuals.

And our stories also inspire, motivate, and offer joy and peace to our audience. 

My work with clients ranges from concept to completion. Together, we will discover your message, develop your authorial voice, and determine the best way to share your message with your audience. 

Here’s an overview of my services. I’d love to help you bring your story to life and give it wings. 

Reach out and let’s have a conversation about how we might work together. 

Content Development Coaching

Together we,

* Collaboratively work through the development of the book

* Create reader feedback questions and select prime readers who could also provide testimonials (Readers will be from your ideal targeted audience and comprised of your contacts and perhaps some of mine.)

* Review reader feedback and making agreed-upon adjustments to the manuscript

* Finalize revisions

We meet twice monthly with you completing assignments between sessions. All assignments are to be submitted 48 hours prior to our meeting for my review. Most manuscripts can be completed within a year’s time. 


Goal: A completed, polished manuscript within twelve months.



5-Session Jumpstart Your

Writing Package

This is a great way to see if we work well together and to see if you have the time and energy for your project. Together, we

1. Identify your message and the themes to address (you’ll have a questionnaire to fill out prior to this session).

2. Create your outline (usually 5, 7, or 9 chapters with an intro and a conclusion).

3. Develop your outline with bullet points: stories, lessons & possible reader engagement questions for the end of chapters).

4. Complete one chapter and receive feedback (I have a template that could be used)

5. Review revisions and make a plan for completing your book. 


Each session would include my review of your work and a 45-minute Zoom conference call. 


Goal: Create a solid plan that will allow you to finally get your book written!


Manuscript Review 


Is your project completed and you’re looking for a fresh pair of eyes to catch content disruptions and any gaps in the flow?

In this package, I review your manuscript for readability, coming to it with the eyes of your reader. I watch for areas where you know what you mean but your reader might be left in a pool of confusion.

I provide an overview of what is working well and what areas need improvement. While some minor edits and copyedits will be provided, in-depth editing and copyediting will incur extra charges.


Goal: Provide you with an objective viewpoint of the structure of your book and give guidance on how to improve the readability, organization, and presentation (grammar, punctuation, etc.)


Editorial Services 

This is simple and to the point. You have a manuscript that you’re happy with and need another set of eyes for affirmation and to find this subtle errors that inevitably slip through (dropped words, misspellings, etc.).

Here, I charge by the page and additional costs could be incurred if content development is needed. If no style sheet has been created, I create one for your book that can then be used for all of your assets––blog, website, etc. This is a “once through” service. Additional passes and content development meetings incur extra charges.


*If this is your first book, and you haven’t worked with a writing coach, we begin with the Manuscript Review.


Goal: To provide you with a polished manuscript.*

As a transformational messenger coach, I care deeply about the messages that cross my desk AND even more about the people who have poured themselves into the writing of them. When I was inspired to expand my business, I was afraid to hand some of the work off and prayed for someone who not only had phenomenal writing and editing skills, but who cared as much as I do. It was a tall order, and Kathy Sparrow has over-delivered. Her coaching is powerful and clear, her writing and publishing expertise is deep and wide, and her commitment to the transformational process for all of us makes her one of my favorite team members. 


Amanda Johnson

Founder of True to Intention Transformational Speaker, Author, and Messenger 
Author of Upside-Down Mommy

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