Michael Reese & Spirit Machine, debuted on Wednesday, August 22, 2018at the Gold Room in Colorado Springs, sponsored by KCOS as part of its Beat Goes On series.


Michael’s music is a constant surprise of virtuosity, reminiscent of Stevie Ray Vaughn, Eric Clapton, and Santana––andhis signature style which can be best described as a blend of Rock, Blues, Jazz, and Ambient.

 He has a long history in the music industry and has received many accolades including being nominated as “Best Guitarist of the Year” at the prestigious Los Angeles Music Awards for his work on his first solo album, Dragonflyer. Later the same year, he performed in the Tommy Bolin Tribute Concert and was named an Official Fender Endorsee by Fender Musical Instruments, Inc.

 Michael has shared the stage with such rock luminaries as Johnny Winter,Edgar Winter, John Mellencamp, Huey Lewis, Robben Ford, John Mayall, Alice Cooper and Steve Morse, guitarist for the Dixie Dregs and Deep Purple, as well as Keith Emerson, of Emerson, Lake and Palmer, Mick Fleetwood, a founding member of Fleetwood Mac, and Mitch Mitchell, the drummer who kept the beat for The Jimi Hendrix Experience. He’s also extensive work in the studio on commercials and feature film scores.


 On keyboards, vocals, and percussion is Jimmy Lange, who hails from the Blues Capitol of America––Nebraska. Raised on a steady diet of Ray Charles and Nat King Cole on the family record player, he eventually found his musical voice on the Hammond organ––especially after hearing the first record by The Allman Brothers Band on his older brother’s beat-up 8-track player.

After touring the nation with the Grammy-nominated Blue Riddim Band in the mid-80s, Jimmy Lange’s musical tastes expanded into a broader range of musical styles, including Reggae, Blues and Vintage R&B to all manner of soulful, jazzy, funky stuff. He’s been known to set a stage on fire with his magic. And he’s a great writer as well!



Then there’s Steve Cox on bass. Like so many fine players we know got his first exposure to music in grade school. It is so happens that he was the only one in the sixth grade class tall enough to manhandle that big ol’ acoustic bass!

 Born and raised in Colorado, Steve is 100% homegrown talent…although he did take a little time to study out west, graduating from the famed Musicians Institute in Hollywood, California.

 Having graced the stage with many fine artists, near and far, over the last few years, Steve has been working with “Denver’s Sweetheart” as a full-time member of the ever-popular Wendy Woo Band. There, he not only plays bass, but he’s also had the opportunity to apply his excellent songwriting skills as well.

 Steve will drive the rhythm section to new creative heights, all while maintaining that all-important rock solid bottom, as he stands by his personal motto: “If the crowd ain’t movin,’ the bass ain’t groovin’!


 David “D2” Derby on drums and percussions. He has driven the funky bus behind many of Denver’s top acts, including singer/songwriters Wendy Woo, Melanie Susaras, Coles Whalen, Wendy Clark, and others. With thirty years on the music scene, David is an accomplished musician who blends a flavorful mixture of jazz, funk, and Latin beats into every groove.


David credits his family for his love of music as he was exposed to a wide variety of sounds from an early age. His grandfather was a jazz drummer from Harlem and counted as especially inspirational and encouraging in David’s takin up the drums.           

As a member of the Wendy Woo Band, David has shared a good deal of stage time with Jimmy Lange and Steve Cox, which tends to result in a funky good time and big smiles all around, on stage and off.


David Derby’s obvious musical talents, mixed with his quite infectious, positive vibe, make him a continual favorite among audiences and his fellow players alike.


Michael says, “Spirit Machine is the artist’s tool to be emotionally expressive and inspire to the listener. The electric guitar has been my Spirit Machine most of my life and the sounds of these instruments drew me in at a young age keeping me up late at night playing from an inspiration that always felt like a gift that needed to be shared.”

I’m amazed at how my life unfolds.  My work has always revolved around writers, and now suddenly I’m involved in the music industry “Building the Buzz” for musicians whose music is inspiring, evocative, and soul-filled.


For more about Michael Reese & Spirit Machine: http://bit.ly/MichaelReeseSpiritMachine


Learn about Michael Reese here: http://bit.ly/MichaelReeseGuitarFacebook