My move to Manitou Springs, Colorado, set the stage for numerous opportunities to meet other creative people, and Jimmy Lange is just one of them. We crossed paths while he was playing keyboards with our mutual friend, Michael Reese, in the band Tribe, along with John Wise and Teddy Nazario.


I’d heard about Jimmy and his book,  TWELVE DAYS OF PEACE – An Artist’s Personal Journey To Nature And The Serenity Of Wilderness, long before we met at Rico’s Cafe & Wine Bar in Colorado Springs. His passion about nature (among other things) and his incredible artistic talent sparked my desire to help Jimmy spread his message. So we are just beginning to “build the buzz.” Twelve Days of Peace launches in 2020.



Jimmy says,

“My wish with Twelve Days of Peace is to, perhaps at least in some small way, help people slow down a little…Nature is a great way to do that, in no small part due to the fact that natural cycles often progress slowly, either seasonally or over millennia. It can help us achieve a fresh perspective on the true meaning of time…and how we might choose to spend ours.”



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