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Oh, what some vision could do with this remarkable Upstate NY property being offered at below assessed value! Amazing Land––Two ponds, cleared paths throughout the forests, lots of open space for playing and privacy in almost every direction.   Located just two hours north of  New York City,  this property is simply priceless.  With the right vision, this could be your sanctuary, your hiatus, your paradise.

Capture the vision!

The Farm

This magnificent property has been in the family for over forty years. It was my parents’ first house. The joy they expressed when they finally had a place of their own was palpable. 

Even though I was married and had a young baby by that time, “The Farm” as we affectionately called it, became a place where many memories were created for our families. Swimming, fishing, and rowing the boat in the main pond were just some of the activities we experienced at my parents’ place. Building tree forts on the grove of pines on the hill was another––and sleigh riding down the hill––stopping just before the edge of the pond behind the house. 



Good Bones – Needs a Little Love 

The house itself needs some HGTV TLC. After my father passed more than a decade ago, my mom couldn’t keep up with the maintenance, nor would she even consider moving until the final months of her life. 



A Natural Haven

The property was a haven for animals and birds. My love of feeding birds came from my mother. She knew their names and their songs, and watching them from the window of her living room was a favorite past time. There were also deer and turkey that graced the property with their presence, likely because my parents made sure their bellies were kept full of birdseed and cracked corn.

Time to Let Go

My children and I are sad that this piece of property, just a short distance from Hudson, Chatham, and the Berkshires, is being sold. Practicality overshadows our sentiment. We’re out west now and have no intentions of returning to New York. A family vacation home isn’t a consideration either as we spend our time hiking, fly fishing, and camping in California, Colorado, and Oregon––and places beyond.

Our Heartfelt Hope

That someone will embrace the vision and breathe new life into The Farm and create their own memories for family and friends.

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