“Fast-paced, filled with enough Southern coastal Texas lure, nature, fly fishing, humor, sex, drama, and clever surprises all the way to the last page to make it thoroughly entertaining. This is what GREAT movies are made of.” 

~ Wanda Taylor, “The South’s 1st Lady of Fly Fishing” 


On the surface, Ali Stephenson has it all––a secure position at Southern Style Magazine, where she’s risen to the ranks of managing editor with all the trappings that a six-figure salary makes possible and a clear route to take over her mentor and friend’s role as publisher. She has good friends, practices yoga daily, and takes long strolls on the beach near her home on the Chesapeake Bay. Her life is set, predictable. 

But something is missing…

Kathy Sparrow is an award-winning author and leadership and empowerment expert, who has been mentoring aspiring writers of non-fiction, fiction, and poetry for over two decades. Her latest book is The Whispered Teachings of Grandmother Trout, touted as the feminine version of A River Runs Through It.

Adventures can be fun and safe––when we follow the rules––and make the right decisions.

An international best-selling book––now in its second edition––is written by eleven international leadership experts who have proven track records guiding individuals, teams, and organizations through transformative periods and onto greater success. The book covers a wide range of core topics regarding transformational leadership—developing one’s own self-awareness, leading from the heart, the power of intention, cultivating high employee and team engagement, creating a safe space that fosters creativity and innovation, the power of transparency, and much, much more. Foreword written by Jack Canfield.