On this day of the Great Convergence and the Winter Solstice, I wanted to share some big news in my world with the debut of A Writable Life™ Publishing.


I have been a writing and publishing consultant for over twenty years, coaching people on writing their stories through blogs, books, courses and more. Many of my clients have found their authorial voices, refined their messages, and become influencers on broader horizons, as a result. I’ve guided my clients through the publishing process in the traditional, hybrid, and self-publishing arenas, and I now find that my wealth of knowledge would be best leveraged to support my client’s ideas from concept to completion and beyond to building buzz for their business message.


I see the expansion of my services into publishing as a way to ensure that my clients and their messages receive the best service possible through the publishing process, the launch and subsequent publicity. I’ve had a long career in the publishing world, starting many years ago as a freelance journalist and staff member at regional magazines and small publishing houses, some of which grew large over time (the For Dummies brand to name just one). So it’s time for A Writable Life ™ Publishing to be of greater service in the world.


 Our Mission Statement


A Writable Life™ Publishing shares the messages of individuals who live life with a sense of purpose, courage, and wonder. Many of our authors––of fiction, non-fiction, and poetry––have been silent or silenced in the past and are now speaking out to inspire hope and healing for themselves, humanity, and our planet.


In addition to single author books, (two are in production), we’ll be collating and producing a series of anthologies, under the umbrella of Stories That Heal. My academic research revolved around writing as a pathway to healing. Additionally, the transformational work I’ve experienced in my trainings with Jack Canfield, Dr. Deborah Sandella of The RIM Institute, Laurie Seymour of The Baca Institute, and Renee Moorefield of Wisdom Works emphasizes the importance of personal healing and transformation so as individuals we have a ripple effect of healing on all within our circle of influence.


In the anthology model, I will have a co-editor joining me and 15% of the proceeds from the sales of the anthology will be dedicated to an organization serving the focus audience. I’m teaming up with Stacey Kirkpatrick, a therapist from Canada and colleague whom I met at Jack Canfield’s training programs. She will be the co-editor of the anthology on sexual and domestic abuse survivors. We will also include the stories of parents who have lost children to this terrible cultural epidemic.

The second anthology will focus on wounded warriors. My work as the media lead and mentor with Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing allowed me to see the importance of giving space for the stories of war and service so that our military, whether active duty or retired, are able to give voice their experiences.


I also will compile an anthology, Women on the Fly, sharing the stories of women fly fishers. Here, too, the co-author has yet to be named; however, a percentage of the proceeds will be directed to Cast for Recovery and Fly Fisher’s International Women’s Connect program.


Writing Programs in the First Quarter


I’ve also revitalized two writing programs to guide aspiring writers through the writing process, whether the goal is to preserve their family stories, to share a message to influence the world, or find clarity by listening to the whispers of their own soul. Here is a preview:


Words of Your Soul: Writing for Wellbeing in Body, Mind & Spirit. In the busy-ness of life, we often forget to pause and pay attention to our soul’s whispers, to the guidance we receive when we sit in silence and listen. This 40-Day program will begin on January 20, and we will spend ten days listening to the messages of our body, ten days on our mind, and ten days on our spirit. The final ten days we will focus on integrating what we’ve discovered to create a new foundation for a life of wellbeing, thriving, and vitality.


Blogs, Books & Beyond – a five-week course designed to help aspiring writers craft clear messages that can be used as blogs or chapters in books. We will explore the power of telling a story, integrate supporting facts and expert quotes, and discover platforms to share their message with the world. While the course will focus on the creation of blogs, these pieces are stepping stones to a book, a course, and more. This course begins on February 1.


Watch for more information about these courses before the first of the new year. 

Second Quarter Writing Programs


Adele Fedorak, of The StoryEdge, will join me in a four+ month-long writing program for women entrepreneurs to discover how to give voice to their leadership story and ultimately write a chapter for inclusion in an anthology.


And I’ll be launching The Legacy Keeper Project in early spring. My parents have passed on and many of their stories have been lost as well. I regret not sitting down with them and asking more about their lives, the lives of my grandparents and my great-grandparents as well. I don’t want you to have this regret. I know that preserving our stories for future generations is important. They deserve to know the people who have influenced their lives in one way or another. This will give future generations a greater understanding to them of who they are as they make their way in the world.  There will be many ways to engage in this project, including a DYI writing course, large group mentoring, small group mentoring, and even one-to-one mentoring with me.


I believe we are on the precipice of great change in this world, and I know it takes a village to raise humanity to new heights. We are all in this together, and someone may be waiting to hear your story for inspiration, courage, and hope.

With love and gratitude,

Kathy Sparrow

Founder of A Writable Life™