While many of my clients are from far and wide, Cindy hails from San Diego, and we’ve had the pleasure of spending a lot of time together in the writing phase of the Jungle: A Journey to Peace, Purpose, and Freedom––and through multiple launches. The first was her pre-launch book and birthday bash at the New Children’s Museum in downtown San Diego. It was an intimate gathering for over 200 (out of the 450 that were invited) of Cindy’s closest friends and her family. There was food, dancing, lots of laughter and great conversation––and of course a book signing!


One of the things I love most about working with my clients is that because we end up having deep conversations about intimate and often painful events in their lives, we become friends. Cindy and her partner, Dana,  are no exception. These women are a lot of fun, and they are passionate about adventure. Cindy and Dana were off on a month-long trip to Africa when her writing coach, Jeffrey Davis of Tracking Wonder, hired me to work on the project. Cindy and Dana also trekked off to Ecuador on a Pachamama Alliance trip with our friends Anita Sanchez (who wrote the foreword to Jungle) and her husband, Kip Tennis.


Here’s what we wrote for Amazon:


 Jungle: A Journey to Peace, Purpose, and Freedom is much like Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat Pray Love––except for the corporate leader. Nearly two decades into her corporate career, Henson was awakened to a lifelong addiction to overworking and taking one for the team” by a debilitating illness, which led her to the jungle of Costa Rica to pursue a master’s degree in International Peace and Conflict Studies from the United Nations-Affiliated, University for Peace.


In her renewed approach to life, she integrates laughter, adventure, generosity, and love into all that she does––at work and in her personal life. She shares how nearly everyone can discover and authentically express their natural gifts and talents so that the world is continually transformed, as well. 

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In Jungle, she introduces the 7 Principles to Peace, Purpose & Freedom” ––the manifesto by which she approaches all aspects of life.

1.    Tap into Your Fun Quotient!

2.    Resolve Past Issues and Release Your Brain Power!

3.    Discover what Juices You––and Pursue It!

4.    Activate Your Learning Gene!

5.    See Your Colleagues Bigger Than They See Themselves!

6.    Move into Action!

7.    Choose to be Unstoppable!

“Kathy uses her literary talents to create interesting and compelling stories for readers.  She has this uncanny ability to see the storyline in a manuscript and then adds the twists and turns of good storytelling that this first-time author finds amazing. Kathy and I have worked together for nearly a year. From the first moment we met, I was quickly comfortable that she understood the project and her insightful questions convinced me that she knew her stuff. What makes Kathy stand out beyond other good writers though, is that she cares about my book, as much as I do. She had no reservations about contributing her skills, her great intellect and kind heart to me. I am extremely grateful and would suggest you jump on any chance you have to work with Kathy Sparrow.”


Cindy Henson

Author of Jungle: A Journey to Peace, Purpose, and Freedom