How Trusting Myself is Key to Going Far

Rationalizations often keep us trapped in our comfort zones. My own mind games attempted to sabotage my ascent of the Manitou Incline, a return to my running practice, and a bevy of other achievable (and achieved) goals. Making commitments to myself, along with the words of inspirational leaders – such as David Goggins and Lori Geisey, keep me going whenever my mind tries to give me an out.

Protecting My Space by Setting Expectations

The word space has been floating in my awareness for the few weeks. With its frequent appearance, it’s time to pay attention to these subtle nudges from the Universe.

These nudges have come out of my own mouth, from my accountability partner who needed to make space in her calendar and our meeting was one she could sacrifice to get some “breathing room,”  and from a mentor’s message during a group meditation where she asked us to consider the concept of making space to receive the answers to our questions. All of these and more have led to my musings.  Contemplating space was cause for me to reflect upon my living arrangements, the space in my calendar, between projects, in my budget, and in my overall day.