Brady Busby believes that trout don’t live in ugly places, and nature surrounds us with amazing beauty, reminding us of God’s grace each and every day.

And he for one has seen so much tragedy from multiple traumatic brain injuries incurred while serving our country to losing his oldest daughter to suicide. 



Brady and I met at a Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing event while volunteering for the Colorado Springs chapter. We were both mentoring disabled veterans in the subtle art of fly fishing that day and found ourselves sitting at lunch together. That day he sent me a Facebook friend request and a few weeks later I noticed that Brady was having a book signing. I was intrigued and wanted to know more.

Over coffee in Manitou Springs a week or so later,  I heard the words, “You need to help him.” So despite a very busy schedule I dove in and helped Brady clean up the first edition of his book so he could take a good product to future book signings. We’ll be expanding this book for a third edition in 2020.




In the best-selling book, Healing Waters: A Life of Hardships, Faith, and Family, Brady Busby shares his journey of a love of adventure, the dedication to serve his country, and the strength he’s had to rely upon during many of life’s difficulties. 

His challenges have been many–– numerous traumatic brain injuries, multiple tours of duty sparking PTSD, and perhaps the worst of all the loss of a child by suicide.

Throughout it all, Brady has found the
courage to live because of his faith – and
discovered opportunities to heal through fly
fishing alone and with his brothers-and-
sisters-in-arms with his involvement with Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing and his own non-profit Hooks and Fur. 




Brady is available to speak about his experiences both on and off the water, including:

– suicide prevention

– dealing with the loss of a child

– transitioning from the military to civilian life 

He can be reached at or by calling 719-629-6284. For more information, visit his website.