The Power of Your Story 

Discover Your Why-Dissolving Your Why Nots

True leaders play the star roles in their lives. They are less concerned about winning someone’s approval or recognition than doing what’s right for them. They know their Why.

Yet for many of us our “why” revolves around what will win us the most recognition, love, and approval from parents, children, partners, teachers, and bosses. That love and approval from others becomes more important than our own values and purpose. So instead of living our “Why,” we go through life buying into our “why nots.” That’s not the place of leadership.

Leaders–whether in family, community, on campus, or in corporations–embrace their Why and do everything in their power to dissolve their why nots. They speak up when no one else is willing, admit they don’t have all the answers, and learn from their mistakes.

A Leader’s mantra is to Show Up, Be Present, and Do What They Are Called to Do.

In this presentation, you will learn to:

• Define what it means to be the star of your own story

• Discover how to identify your why

• Dissolve your why nots

So are you ready to Be the Star of Your Own Story?


‘Why?’ was hot topic at Chamber breakfast

By the Alpine Mountain Empire Chamber of Commerce

ALPINE —- What’s your “why?”

That was the question speaker Kathy Sparrow posed to members and guests on Sept. 9 at the monthly Hot Topics Networking Breakfast meeting of the Alpine Mountain Empire Chamber of Commerce in Alpine.

The author, speaker and leadership coach explained to the crowd at the Alpine Woman’s Club at 2256 Alpine Blvd. that when people know why they’re doing something, such as a job, they can discover how to live the life they really want.

“Very often what keeps us from doing our ‘why’ is our fear we won’t have the approval of the people around us,” Sparrow said, urging everyone to stop and think about what they’re doing.

People are often raised with ideals and rules that they are afraid to examine or break, she said. Sparrow said it’s necessary to stop sometimes and question the rules.

Using examples from her own life, the speaker talked about a mentor who told her that “if you’re not doing it with your heart, it’s not yours to do.”

“Think about what you’re doing, because what’s best for us is often best for the other person,” Sparrow urged.

Chamber Ambassadors and others liked the inspirational talk so much that they began their self introductions with their personal “whys.”  Other Chamber members and guests continued with the theme.


“Kathy Sparrow is able to engage an entire room with her engaging presence and searching questions. She makes you dive deep and answer questions you didn’t know you had! Her soothing manner and soft voice leads you through a journey of exploration and discovery. She is an inspiring speaker and a pleasure to listen to.”

Vickie Perez Fageol, e-PRO, VApro, SRES, SFR, PMN

Owner/Broker Realty World Select Properties



Are You Afraid of the “C” Word?: Making a Commitment to You for Ultimate Personal & Professional Success!

“If you can’t commit to yourself, then how can anyone else?”

The words struck me like a bolt of lightning It was a sobering moment when I realized that the difficulties that I’d experienced in my life were not the result of other people doing anything to me. They were the result of me not making a commitment to my own dreams, of not standing up for myself, and for allowing myself to be a doormat.

On the flip side, when I dug a little deeper, I also realized that when I made a commitment to myself––took care of my health and well-being, set good relationship boundaries, jumped into projects that just tickled my soul––life flowed and those in my life showed up to love and support me.

If you’re like most women, you’ve been conditioned to be self-sacrificing and to make other people’s priorities yours.

Well, it’s time to be the star of your own story!

In this presentation, we’ll take a look at your life and how to become your own best friend. Since change can only happen with becoming aware of our current situations, we’ll discover:

*times and places where you put your dreams on the back burner

*results of putting your life on hold

*commitments you need to make to yourself in body, mind, and spirit to  get your life back on track

*why taking care of yourself first is the best thing you can do for those in your life!

Kathy Sparrow spoke at our 2014 Break the Silence against Domestic Violence women’s retreat for survivors of abuse and truly impressed and inspired many of our attendees. Her ability to connect with an audience was wonderful and her topic of, “Are you afraid of commitment” really resonated with many of us – including myself. I actually spent the rest of the weekend replaying her presentation in my head because it was THAT IMPACTFUL. Thank you,  Kathy, for being a part of our BTS family!  

– Kristen Paruginog, Founder and Executive Director of Break the Silence against Domestic Violence

Women, Money, and the Inner Male Connection: 7 Steps to Creating Financial Certainty

Many women have lifelong financial struggles where their cash flow looks more like a roller coaster than a steadily flowing stream–whether married or not, engaged in entrepreneurial endeavors or employed.

What I’ve discovered is that many of us lacked a strong male role model–a man who has a big heart–and is a good provider for his family–who will do anything to slay the dragon, so to speak. To become our own providers we need to have a strong inner male–to balance the feminine nurturing side of ourselves. When we do that, not only will our finances improve–so will our relationships. We will attract financial security and men who aren’t looking for us to mother them or tolerate their bad behaviors. Perhaps most important, we’ll have broken the cycle of believing that our self-worth and net worth are based only upon working far harder than reasonably possible to have a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

In “Women, Money and the Inner Male Connection,” I cover the topics of:

  • Mapping our Money Story
  • The men in our lives and how they show up
  • Identifying the Qualities of Strong, Heart-Centered Male Energy
  • Committing to Ourselves
  • Define the Difference Between Inspiration and Desperation
  • Strengthening Our Own Inner Male
  • Setting Good Boundaries, Creating Good Agreements